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Live Aid - July 13, 1985.

On this day 27 years ago, Queen took the stage at Live Aid and proved to the world that they are the best live band ever. It was the biggest show on earth, broadcast live on TV to over a billion people worldwide and because of it, Queen became the biggest band on earth from the moment they arrived on stage. Freddie set Wembley Stadium alight and turned Queen into the ultimate super group. It was the performance which, undoubtedly, was the pinnacle of their career.

To celebrate Queen, make sure you watch this brilliant performance today (in 720p HD) and clap your hands to Radio Gaga!

The greatest gig ever.

It’s been 25 years since Live Aid and I decided to show you videos of the greatest gig that ever happened. Freddie Mercury had the entire audience eating out of his hand. I’ve yet to see a crowd react so energetically to one band. Seriously, watch that Radio Ga Ga performance. Enjoy part 1.