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Review of Danzig Legacy (10/31/2011)

Danzig is playing Halloween night at the Gibson Amphitheatre? FUCK YES! My seats were in the nose bleed section, but me and my buddy Curtis got such good seats that it didn’t really matter. Corrosion of Conformity was pretty cool, and as usual there were a ton of beautiful women there. It should have been perfect, but for some reason or another it didn’t live up to my expectations.

The reason being that there were so many audio problems that it killed the concert. If I were in the pit I probably wouldn’t care, because that would be part of the experience. Listening to the amps fuck up just took me out of the whole thing.

Danzig is a great performer, I could tell he was trying to work around the problems with the audio, but even he gave up halfway through the performance to see what the problem was. Even after the band found what was wrong the audio problems didn’t stop, and this happened in every set.

The best part of the concert, for me at least, had to go to the Samhain performance. The over the top macabre style was just so fun. London May was drenched in fake blood and just got the crowd pumped for the return of Samhain. The crowd went crazy when Danzig finally showed up with his leather mask that he used to wear back in the day. He didn’t wear it for long (3 songs at the most), but it just helped me appreciate that part of the show even more.

The crowd went crazy when the Misfits banner went up, and when Doyle stomped on stage the lunacy went up a notch. They opened with ‘Death Comes Reaping’, a song that I didn’t think they would play, since I never felt that it was one of their more popular songs. However, I was proven wrong when I caught a glimpse of the pit. Yeesh, those guys were there to party.

The Misfits set finished with my all-time favorite Misfits song ‘Last Caress’. Sadly, this is where the audio problems were at their worst. The guitar was already fucking up throughout the song and just as Danzig was about to sing the melodic end to the song, the mic went out. Yeah, the fans sang with him (including me), but it just didn’t feel right without hearing him sing it.

You could call the audio problems “punk rock”, but the show wasn’t happening at a VFW Hall or someone’s backyard. It was at the Gibson Amphitheatre, that place was meant to put on some great, high budget shows. It was just a case of bad luck, I guess.

The show was great, don’t get me wrong, but the audio problems were just too much for me. There were rumors that Danzig was taping that show, too. I saw cameras in the pit and over May’s back as he was playing drums, so this may not completely be a rumor. If Danzig had any plans to release this, then I feel bad for him. He really did put on a good show, it was just audio problems that ruined it. Oh well, maybe we’ll see it on bootleg some day?