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My Review of Henry and Glenn Forever

It was just like any other day at a comic book shop on the Sunset Strip. I was look through all the alternative comics hoping to find something that would catch my eye for more than 30 seconds. This became increasingly hard since I’ve already read all the stuff from my favorite indie writers and I was a bit afraid to pay money for a new writer. Still, I was determined to find something. Suddenly I saw a cover that looked extremely… Well, gay. It was a man comforting another man as he wept. I didn’t pay much attention to it until my second glance… “Holy fucking shit, is that Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins?”

Yes, it was them.

After being shocked at how awesome it was I was immediately drawn to the comic. Rollins and Danzig are both two of my favorite singers in the punk world, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip out of my hands. I bought the comic with no hesitation.

There is a loose story of love in Henry and Glenn forever, however it’s nothing too complicated or serious. There are just two macho punk dudes living under the same house. Sleeping in the same bed. Taking a bath together. Okay, so maybe the gay overtones are in your face. This is still a fun comic to read. In fact the whole poking fun at the two is just done in good fun, there is no real harm in any of the strips. Some of the art is even really well done. Every now and then there are strips where I would swear came right out of a Little Lulu comic. This is good drawing for the most part and even the rougher drawings have a nice look to them.

A reference to my favorite Misfits song.

Although the comic is extremely funny and often times a bit macabre it is short. In fact that’s really the only downside I have to this comic. You’ll be finished with it in less than an hour, I really wish it was longer, but I guess you have to be happy with what you get. Maybe if more people buy it Igloo Tornado will see that fans want a sequel to the loving relationship of Henry and Glenn. Until then, this may be one of the best things a music lover can have on their coffee table.