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My Review of The Simpsons Arcade Game AKA: Enjoy your death trap, ladies!

(I wrote this review for my college newspaper, El Paisano, that’s the reason it hass taken so long to get posted up on tumblr. By the way, if you know what the reference is from the 2nd title, 5+ points to you.)

There have always been video games based on The Simpsons property. In large part most of them have been god awful, but the one that has always stood out has been the arcade game. However, it hasn’t been until recently that the game has been properly released.

As the story goes, the Simpsons are walking down the street one day when Waylon Smithers and a couple of his cronies steal a precious diamond from a jewel store. (If this seems out of place for the character, it’s possibly because development for the game began only three months after the Simpsons premiered on television.) Smithers crashes into Homer who knocks the diamond out of Smithers’ hands and into the mouth of Maggie who uses it as a pacifier. Like I said, this game was made early in the Simpsons’ life.

Released in 1991, The Simpsons Arcade Game became one of the most played arcade games of all time. Created by Konami, The Simpsons uses much of the same beat-‘em-up gameplay that’s found in other Konami classics such as X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There really isn’t a lot to do other than attacking, jumping, and doing a jump attack.

The graphics are nice and colorful, for the time, but it’s nothing that will stand out by today’s standards.  You do have the choice to sharpen the detail of the graphics, but I really don’t see that big of a difference between smooth and sharp graphics.

The game isn’t particularly long, either. Playing with another person, you could probably finish the game in about an hour or less. You could choose between the American and the Japanese when playing the game, but it doesn’t add as much to the game as you’d want. Luckily you can play with other people online or locally.

Since there aren’t a lot of extras that come with the game, your decision to buy the Simpsons may be based entirely on the nostalgia factor. Chances are that if you enjoyed playing the Simpsons back when they were still considered a new and fresh property, you’ll probably find yourself shelling out $10 for the game.

In my life I must have spent over $100 on this game, so $10 isn’t really a problem for me. However, I understand why someone who doesn’t have the same unconditional love for the Simpsons that I do would pass on the game. It definitely shows its age, but it’s still really fun at the end of the day.