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My Review of Live at Max’s Kansas City (1978)

You know, it sucks discovering bands too late. You suddenly find yourself falling in love with a band that you may never have the chance to see live. This is one of the problems that I met once I started listening to The Misfits religiously. I’d listen to their albums and only wonder what it would be like to be in the pit screaming the words to the songs at Danzig. I’d probably get knocked out in the pit, but that’s just some of the stuff you have to deal with when you see someone play.

Now, if I wanted to I could easily see Jerry Only’s Misfits live. However I really don’t want to see them live. From what I’ve heard on YouTube it just sounds like a silly mess. Plus as a hardcore fan of the Danzig-era I don’t want to see his songs butchered in front of me.

I’ve listened to some of the Misfits’ live stuff before, the Evilive album was fun to hear, but was so damn short that I felt like I was being jipped. (Doesn’t matter that I downloaded the album…) Still, listening to the Misfits live were almost a totally different experience than listening to their studio albums. Things were faster and more aggressive, if at times a bit too hectic. It was what I always thought The Misfits would sound like if I heard them play.

When I finally heard snippets of their bootleg album ‘Live at Max’s Kansas City’ I knew I had to get the whole album as soon as possible. Not only was the album longer in duration, but it was also much better in quality than I thought it would be. This in part is due to the fact that the album has been remastered.

I don’t know how old school punk fans feel about this, but I could understand if they were mad at the album being remastered. Keep in mind that I have not heard the original copy of ‘Live at Max’s Kansas City’, so I don’t know if I should be appalled or thankful for the remastering of the album. I have read that Bobby Steele’s guitar only had two strings left by the time they made it to Attitude, so maybe this is a good thing?

I don’t really have any problems with the album. It does a good job of delivering everything I wanted except for the fact that Glenn doesn’t really talk in-between the songs. I know most people don’t give a shit about that, but I really wanted to see how Glenn acted when he was on stage. I mean, I can’t be the only one who wanted to hear more from the band. They’re not as quick as The Ramones were when they played a live show, but nothing really goes on between the shows.

If you’re a fan of Danzig-era Misfits then you should do yourself a favor and get a hold of this bootleg as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

This is the best album cover I could find, deal with it.

Gengar lyrics: Jigglypuff

Ever since Gengar started me and the guys have had some trouble with writing new songs. In order to get over the hump I decided to get some of the Misfits’ songs and add in Pokemon. Since that is technically parody it means that no one can sue us. Because it’s parody. So when you read these lyrics just imagine Glenn Danzig singing them.

Little Jigglypuff
It’s a shame that you sing the same thing
Did you like the fun
Did you like the battles that I promised you

Open wounds on your brow
Little angel in pink
She isn’t lovin you anymore

Little Jigglypuff
I see you going down on a fire-type
Little Jigglypuff
Size for everyone

Let those Charizards believe
Dry your eyes and we’ll leave
She isn’t lovin you anymore

Little Jigglypuff
I see you going down on a fire-type
Oh, little Jigglypuff
Size for everyone

Let those Charizards believe
Dry your eyes and we’ll leave
She isn’t lovin you anymore

Tattoos I would get if I wasn’t such a bitch. Part 2

For the longest time I have always wanted to listen to the Misfits, but never took the initiative. Since High School I had always seen the awesome Crimson Ghost t-shirt everywhere, but I just never went out of my way to give them a listen. Then one day I decided to download some of their albums and ever since then they’ve been one of my favorite bands of all time.

I loved the macabre lyrics of their songs and the fact that Glenn Danzig used harmonies that were less like the style of the Ramones and more akin to older type of 50’s music. Not just that but they have songs about horror and sci-fi B-movies. If someone had told me in middle school that there was a band that sang about some of my favorite things in the world then I would have immediately asked who they were and how soon can I listen to them.

This leads me to the tattoo, it’s a nice logo that is reminiscent of the famous Mickey Mouse Club logo. Since I think that’s also pretty cool it just adds my affection towards the tattoo. Not just that, but like the Joy Division tattoo it’s not everywhere. Most Misfits tattoos are either just a picture of the Crimson Skull, the Die Die My Darling picture, or Legacy of Brutality album cover. Fiend Club just seems less popular.

I don’t see anything wrong with the tattoo other than the fact that I’m going to be in that seat for a long time. If I wanted it done perfectly I’m just going to have to get it done at a real professional’s shop. It’ll take a lot of work to get it perfect and I’m going to have to choose if either I want to get the white inner circle done and have another black ring around the logo or not. It wouldn’t be a lot more work, but it would just be annoying. I’d probably have to get it done over a few days.

Still, I think this would look good on one of my shoulders. That way I can have Joy Division on one arm and the Misfits on the other. Then I’ll pump some iron! Awwww yeah!

Hidden Meanings Found Deep Within: Astro Zombies

The first time I heard Astro Zombies from the Misfits I instantly become hooked on their music. It wasn’t the first Misfits song I heard, however it was the one song that pushed me to seek out their music. I had heard of other bands who were in the horror rock genre like Murderdolls, but I never knew where this genre of music first started. (Or when it first became popular.)

The campy and over the top style of music was just really fun to listen to. It didn’t ever seem to me that these songs ever had an underlining message. When you have a band on stage singing about how they have twenty eyes in their head you don’t think that maybe their singing about suffering from mental illness, maybe they’re just singing about having twenty eyes in their head. (By the way, I don’t know if 20 Eyes is about someone going through metal illness or not, it just seems like it could be about it, just think about it.)

Sexy or scary? You decide.

Now the first thing to get out of the way is that Astro Zombies does indeed take its name from a B-Movie from the 1960s. I enjoyed this song so much that when I found out that this movie was on Netflix instant streaming I was excited. So excited that I went out of my way to watch it. Now besides a few fun moments here or there the movie is a real piece of shit. Its pacing is just so slow and-listen the movie is just fucking horrible, don’t watch it unless you have to or your such a big Misfits fan that you need to watch it.

After watching it there wasn’t a lot in common with the movie. I realized that no one’s face falls into a pile of flesh, until their heart, heart pounds until it pumps in death. Prime directive? I’d say that once the astro zombie got loose it would exterminate the whole fuckin’ race, if it was powerful enough to. Anyway, it got me thinking, maybe Danzig was trying to say something else? He’s a well read man and he knows a lot about evil people in power. Hell, he has like 900 books on nazis. That’s at least 899 more books about nazis than the average person has in their collection.

Still the best book about nazis that I own.

I started to look into the the song more and more and eventually it struck me that maybe Astro Zombies was about something else entirely. Throughout the entire song Danzig says:

All I wanted to say
And all I gotta do
Who’d I do this for
Hey, me or you

To me it sounds like the astro zombie may be symbolic of a soldier who is being told what to do, however there is an inner struggle that he is having asking, “Am I fighting for me or you?” By “you” I’m obviously talking about a political figure.

At first it seemed like that was just a bit over the top, however when I look back at the lyrics we find out that the person in charge is giving out some scary ass demands:

With just a touch of my burning hand
I send my astro zombies to rape this land
Prime directive, exterminate
The whole human race

Christ, dude calm the fuck down. This guy obviously wants people dead for his own agenda, and I don’t think that the idea that this is symbolic of a politician is too far off.

Hey guys! It’s Danzig! It’s Danzig everybody!

Or maybe Danzig is just singing about Astro Zombies…. I don’t know. What do you think?