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My Review of Bob’s Burgers (2011)

When I first heard of the cartoon Bob’s Burgers I was pleasently surprised. I’m a huge fan of Jon Benjamin and can’t help but love all of his work. In fact I completely freaked out when he did the voice of the convenience store clerk. This probably all stems back from a little show called Home Movies. Anyway, I knew this show was something I had to watch, as Jon Benjamin is actually really picky with the roles he does. (Seriously, he’s in all kinds of good things.)

Bob’s Burgers centers around Bob (Of course), his wife Linda, and his three children Tina, Louise and Gene. The Fox Sunday animation block usually has shows that center around the family, so Bob’s Burgers doesn’t stray far from that style. However, I was quite pleased to see that the family in Bob’s Burgers seems to take the best parts of my favorite families on the Fox block and make it their own.

The family can be crude, but not to the level of Family Guy, just cruder than that of the Simpsons or King of the Hill. The crudeness is actually kind of cute on the show, it usually comes from the kids, but I think that’s how they keep it wholesome. Louise and Gene play the trouble makers of the family and Tina… Man, poor Tina. She seems to be one of those depressing kids from school. I’m not saying she’s depressed, just that she’s socially awkward to the point where you have to feel sorry for the kid. Though to be honest she does seem like the kind of girl I would like when I was going to school…or now for that matter. I like weird girls.

Someone needs to give this girl a Weezer album or something…

So far all the episodes have been great, to the point where I’ve watched them at least twice. If Fox was looking for the right show to fill the void from King of the Hill I say they did it with Bob’s Burgers. Of course replacing a show as amazing as King of the Hill is hard to do, and I don’t think Bob’s Burgers is by any means the same as King of the Hill, but there aren’t a lot of cartoon shows that really show the working man aspect. Homer, Peter, Stan, and Cleveland go to work sometimes, but it never seems to be an important part of the story unless they need it for an episode’s plot.

Besides Jon Benjamin’s voice, I would have to say that Kristen Schaal tends to steal the show every now and then. Her character Louise is pretty much the polar opposite of not only her sister Tina, but of every other sister character on the Fox line up. Lisa and Meg always seems to be sad losers, Hailey is super rebellious and kind of a skank, and Roberta is too in love with herself. Louise is a loud and in your face con artist. She’s a breath of fresh air as most female ‘sister’ characters on the animation block are mostly throw away characters.  

I’m officially a big fan of Bob’s Burgers, I would say that it probably comes in 2nd, just behind American Dad, as my favorite current show on the Fox Animation line up. The show has smart writers and the characters are funny and interesting enough where you care about them. I just hope Fox doesn’t do anything stupid like start to change what time the shows go on. When they do that it usually means that they’re trying to kill off the show, even if they’re looking for a ‘more suitable’ time slot. (Those lying bastards.)

So as a fan I am asking anyone who has yet to see this show to give it a shot. It’s on at 8:30 on Sundays. C’mon, what are you doing at 8:30 on a Sunday night anyway? Nothing, that’s what. How about you help get this awesome show some recognition. Also, it has a sweet opening theme.