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The latest episode of Bob’s Burgers was excellent.

Tina having to choose between two guys, Bob’s middle school problems. One of the best I’ve seen. To top it off the ending credits song is undeniably romantic, I must have listened to it seven times in a row. It’s just super cute. Give it a listen.


Tina is easily one of the best characters on television on a show you should be watching.

Tina is my animated girlfriend, since Velma stopped returning my calls a long time ago…

Please tell me this is real. I don’t really like the Tom & Jerry series, but I’ve always hated Jerry with a passion and just wanted to see him die.

Please tell me this is real. I don’t really like the Tom & Jerry series, but I’ve always hated Jerry with a passion and just wanted to see him die.

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Sometimes I get these thoughts in my head…

These thoughts, I want to start a band, but I don’t think anyone would be interested in it. I don’t have a music background beyond the fact that I played a lot of Rock Band in my life, but I would love to be the singer in a punk band.

The only problem is that I feel that too many people would want me to try something from a traditional punk band stand point. I don’t want to dye my hair bright green, get a foot tall mohawk, and scream about how I hate my life. I don’t want to be singing the same damn song that was sung thirty years ago.

However, I feel like in order for me to really sing about what I want I will have to create a band that has somewhat of a gimmick.

I don’t give a shit if people use the word ‘gimmick’ with disdain. Bands like The Misfits, The Adicts, and Devo all used some kind of gimmick to reach an audience and they’re all amazing punk bands. (Yeah, fuck you, Devo is punk.) The only problem I have is that I don’t think any of my friends are interested in the gimmick punk bands that I want to start.

The first one I want to start is called The Capitalists. I think this would be great because everyone still has the whole ‘Occupy’ movement still in their head. The only thing is, I want the Capitalists to be anti-punk. Instead of talking about how we can change things and how the government is full of shit, I want to sing about how great the government is, how a two party system is the only system to use, how we should hate the poor and how we should worship the dollar.

I don’t believe in any of those ideals, but I want to confront the punk community by singing about it. I want to shove these stupid beliefs in their face. I want to make punks think, but what I really want to do is go up to the mic and say, “This next song is about getting a job and actually doing something with your life…”

The Capitalists would play while dressed up as business men and sing about the ideals of capitalism. Our motto:True Conservative Punk

The next band I want to create is much easier to understand, Pop Culture Junkies would just be a band that played music about different things. I’d like to do an album with a Pokemon theme, but I feel like this idea for a band is so loose that we could sing about anything.

Singing about anything also poses a problem, suddenly songs that you write are less about you and more about old movies or cartoons. It’s no longer personal and I feel that maybe the music would suffer. Still, who wouldn’t want to hear a song about how amazing Divine is?

The only problem with Pop Culture Junkies is that even I think it can get pretty boring. “Oh look, they wrote a song about the movie C.H.U.D., how nice.” It’s not breaking any barriers, but what the fuck? Why should my band have to break barriers, I just want to have fun. I’ll leave the serious stuff to the Capitalists.

Man, I’m never gonna start a band.