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Samhain, Cabaret Metro, April ‘86
I love me some Eerie, his is one cool cat.

team eerie forever basically

Some shots of Eerie at the blood show.

Played 70 times

The Misfits-Horror Hotel

Happy Halloween/International listen to The Misfits day!

5 Musicians That I’d Like to Interview

Henry Rollins:

I won’t lie, I wouldn’t ask Henry Rollins a lot of small questions, I would just ask him several large questions. This is because anything that Henry Rollins says is amazing. Not just when it comes to the world of punk music, but to everything having to do with music. I don’t think I’d even ask about his career with Black Flag or his solo work. I would just ask him questions dealing with the grand universe of music, something about how it touches people’s lives in a way that nothing else really does.

The great thing about Henry Rollins is that he’s not just a man who loves music, but he is passionate about other things. I think it would be great to ask him political questions. I’d like to know whether he feels America is progressing or regressing or something of that nature, because I feel he can give a good response.

Glenn Danzig:

If I ever got to interview Glenn Danzig I think I would just like to get to know him better as a musician. I’d ask him different questions when dealing to his lyrics. I’d like to know how he feels about his macabre lyrics being adored by millions of people. I know he’s probably answered a million times who his musical inspirations were when he was growing up, so I probably won’t use that one.

Like Henry Rollins, Danzig has a lot of interests in things outside of music. I’d be interested to know what he thinks of the comic book industry or what horror movies he likes the most. He has a vast knowledge on these things and these are also both things that I love myself, I think my interview would probably be more of a conversation than an interview.

Dave Grohl:

I want to interview Dave Grohl for the most part because I heard that he is one of the best people to interview. He often gives answers that are detailed accounts of his life. These are almost always the most fun answers you can get, they’re usually longer than regular straight forward answers and they’re much more interesting. Plus, this is also really good for fans who want to know more about him.

Since Dave Grohl has lived such an interesting life I think I would just barrage him with questions about his life. What were you like before you met Kurt as opposed to after? What is your favorite Queen album? What was it like the first time you listened to Ozzy’s solo work? What is your favorite punk album cover? Do you think Morrissey is annoying? Stuff like that. I bet I’d get some great responses.

Geezer Butler:

I’d pick Geezer Butler because he’s probably my favorite bassist and I don’t find too many interviews with him.  He seems like a really nice guy who enjoys his fans and wouldn’t mind giving an interview. I’d probably geek out if I was around him, but I’d still try to conduct the interview professionally.

Really just want to get to know him better as a lyricist and what his writing style is like.  Where he took inspiration for songs and what the writing process was like after Dio joined the band when compared to the Ozzy years. How he feels when fans tell him that he helped create a musical genre that millions of people love. I’d probably ask him if he could teach me to play bass, but that might be too much…

Brian May:

Queen is my favorite band ever, most people know this already. Brian May might just be one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. The problem may just be that when you work with a man as amazing as Freddie Mercury you’ll probably get overshadowed. However, you can’t tell me that you’ve never listened to Bohemian Rhapsody, It’s Late or Killer Queen without being impressed by the guitar. Brian May rules.

I would ask what the process was for Queen, as a band, to create music. What his muse was for writing music. What new bands he listens to, if any. How he feels the musical landscape has changed thanks to Queen. What he feels kept his guitar style different from the likes of Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, and Tony Iommi (Who is actually a friend of his.) and others from that generation of rock.

By the way, if you know a way I can contact these people, send me a message.