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Seriously, space turtles?

When I heard the news about Michael Bay wanting/going to change the origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I wasn’t bummed out or anything. I’m used to Michael Bay fucking up a good thing, so I wasn’t mad, this is just the kind of thing that happens when you let an asshole get ahold of a great intelectual property.

Then, out of nowhere, I just began to feel really angry about it. More and more I tried to wrap my head around why this was happening, why change it? Does the idea that teenage alien turtles somehow make more sense than teenage mutant turtles? Let’s not forget that these turtles are also master ninjas, so is it easier to suspend disbelief if you tell someone, “Oh, it makes more sense, they’re from space.”

Seriously, why change it? What purpose does it pose? Why piss all over someone’s childhood like this? Bay has put me in a position where I really don’t know if I want to even download this movie. I’m just fucking angry! What the hell? If I could, I would punch Michael Bay in the face, we need to stop letting him make movies.

I’m not the only one who is pissed off about this, am I?

I’ll be gone for some time, kiddos.

I’ll be at a Journalism competition in Burbank if any of you are wondering. I’m gonna miss all of you, so keep kicking ass while I’m away.