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The Tainted Legacy of the Puppy Bowl

We all remember our first Puppy Bowl, it’s something that stays in the psyche for the rest of your life after it is witnessed. Puppies from all over coming together to have a good clean game of football, was there anything better in life? It was a pure game, made to excite and help wayward puppies who needed a home.
However yesterday’s Puppy Bowl had to be one of the most outlandish things I had ever witnessed in all my years of covering sports. Twice during the last quarter of the game fouls were called on game winning plays that cost the Underdogs the championship. What caught my eye was that the referees only once called a personal foul against Jack, a lab mix who is known more for his actions off the field than his actions on the field. I could count at least five times off the top of my head where Jack used excessive force during the game. Yet the referees are too afraid to say anything.

Excessive force.

Why is this? Because Jack brings too much money to Animal Planet for them to do anything about it. Jack’s infamous relationships with star pups like hotel heir Tinkerbell and super model Mrs. Coco have brought more viewers to the game than ever before. With more viewers comes added revenue. As said before, money is the root of all evil and Animal Planet is raking in the cash.
I still remember a time when the Puppy Bowl was a time honored tradition. You and you’re family would sit around and just enjoy a good game. Call me old, but players like Jack bring more shame to the game than honor. What happened to athletes like Socks and Coal?                             

When the league was still trying to sustain itself for the first couple of years these guys showed the valor and dignity found in the game. However these days when I walk down the street I’m swamped by sheep wearing Jack jerseys. It makes me sick.

The better days.

The question to ask is what will Animal Planet do to stop this nonsense? If they had any pride they would start suspending their athletes when they get out of control, however I don’t see them ever doing anything like that. Money will always win out in favor of any real reform within the league, it depresses me like nothing else, but this is the truth.
The days of a good honest puppy game are dead, the Puppy Bowl no longer means anything.