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I’ve been on tumblr for four years now.

Seems like only yesterday I was on here reblogging pictures of cartoons… Best thing is I got to meet some really interesting people on here, and booties. I got to see a lot of booties on tumblr. Thank you tumblr.

This #burrito sucks, but I’m still going to finish it. #tumblr #sad #food #startrek #captainkirk #whittier

This #burrito sucks, but I’m still going to finish it. #tumblr #sad #food #startrek #captainkirk #whittier

So many naked ladies on my dashboard…

… I thought I would have learned my lesson from the last couple of semesters at school, but I can’t quit you, tumblr! I can’t quit you!

I’ll have to stay off tumblr for a while.

Since I won’t be seeing Dark Knight Rises at midnight, I’ll have to wait and I don’t want any spoilers.

Spoiling mother fuckers on tumblr…

Something I wanted to do for a while…

So, I finally got over 100 followers. I think I now have 103, but I think tumblr is a phantom follower? Does anyone know if that’s true? Anyway, I thought the best way to show my appreciation for all of you would be to maybe promote some of the other tumblrs I follow. People who I think are cool.

Really like this tumblr, she posts a lot of interesting stuff. And she loves Home Movies which means she’s fucking awesome in my book.

Circle of Snakes likes Sailor Moon and ‘Mother Fucking’ Leonard Nimoy. I added the ‘Mother Fucking’ because it wasn’t until started following Circle of Snakes that I realized how bad ass Leonard Nimoy. She also loves Danzig which is cool.

English girl. Loves hard rock and heavy metal. If you love any of that stuff you should check her out. I can honestly say that if I had never followed her, I may have never seen James Hefield’s cock. Make of that what you will.

Really cool girl, always posting interesting pictures and is just an all around cool person. She does like cars, which I can’t really get excited for. She seems to like them though.

Found this guy recently, and I gotta say that he just seems like a really cool guy. He seems like the kind of guy that I’d like to hang around with. Plus he pulls of a pretty wicked devilock. My hair is too long to do one.

Seriously! That’s a cool devilock! It’s kind of like Glenn’s.

Well, that’s all I want to do for right now, but if you weren’t on here it doesn’t mean I forgot about you. There are a lot of blogs that I like, and I promise I’ll get to them in the future.

You guys rule.

Hey tumblr followers, let’s start a punk band.

Since things are going so well with Gengar (Really, Gengar is going great, no reason to bring it up.) I thought it was time to start a new band. But where to find new members to start a band? Well, tumblr of course. I don’t have a name for the band yet, but I’m thinking it could be something that we all can agree on.

Now in terms of musical direction, I’m thinking of something that crosses Black Flag with the Smiths. Why Black Flag and the Smiths? Because I think that would be incredibly funny, and we need another funny punk band. Yeah, I know The Dirty Projectors already did that, but I want the opposite of what they were doing. Mopey lyrics with a hardcore edge. I think we can all agree on that. (Oh shit, I’m not starting a screamo band, am I?)

So who gets to join? That’s the best part, everyone gets to join. No matter what. If the Sex Pistols have taught me anything it’s that you don’t have to be musically talented to play in a band. So it doesn’t matter if you have a guitar that’s missing a string or if you made a banjo out of some old cardboard, you can join the band. As long as you are capable of making noises, it’s all good.

Songs that I have set up so far….

Zombi Love

A man contemplates whether he can go through with killing his wife who is slowly turning into a zombie.

Lucha Slam Jam

The story of a struggling luchador trying to make it in the wrestling business.

Hard Coors

All about getting drunk at a party and dying.

Street Trash

A corporate CEO wakes up one day in the body of a homeless man. He tries to get help, but everyone thinks he’s mentally ill.

So, who wants to join?

30 Day Challenge (Day 15)

As much as I would love to show the world the picture of the girl who I would want to be with, it is not meant to be. You see, I have been losing touch with girls who I have liked over my creativity a lot this year. The most recent happened when I sent this e-card:

You may remember this, I gained some notoriety on Valentine’s Day for some e-cards that I created. Although the Misfits card was the most famous one I did, the Metallica one got me in trouble. I had the idea to send each of my friends on facebook a different e-card and sent this one to a girl from Oklahoma. Her fiance didn’t like it that much and told me that I better stop bugging her. His words were that I was creeping her out, since she didn’t take the initiative to drop me, I did so on my own. I used to like her, but someone who can’t even take a joke like this? Not worth the time.

The worse case however was this:

This hurt the most, you see I often write about my friends, and when I do I like to show them, just so they know how important they are to me. However, that was not taken the same way as my other friends. The girl in question is not named Jessica, yes I liked a girl named Jessica once, but I merely changed it to douse the angry flames of the girl who I really wrote this about. She said I was trying to rile her up, this is not true. I was just trying to show her how David Bowie helped my healing process. She dropped me from her facebook account, and I knew I would never hear from her again.

Not only that, but I had compromised my art. For what? Nothing. I had lost a good friend and I became a sell out in my eyes. I could go back and change it, try to make that better. But what for? It’s as if I had ruined something and I tried my best to recreate its beauty. I must pay for my mistakes. The article is still there, and I think it’s great, but it’s a shell its former self. It stays there, reminding me of how I failed.

So you ask me to post a picture of someone I like? Someone I would praise as my goddess. Someone I could say that I love. Someone that whenever she is gone all I can do is think of her, wishing she would be mine. Someone I can never have. I cannot do that. Although she may never see this post, I can’t endanger what little of a relationship I have with her. I like to think I am a creative person, but I don’t want to lose another person because of my selfish creativity.

Just know that I think about her everyday.

30 Day Challenge (Day 3)

Ar midnight I began to watch Akira on blu-ray. The movie is brillaint and one of my favorite films ever. After Akira I started to watch Total Recall, also on blu-ray, but as I was laying down I started to get very tired. Eventually I couldn’t stay up anymore and had to turn it off. (It was right before Hauser was going to meet Kuato, but before Cohaagen decides to shut off the air to the lower-class of Mars.)

When I awoke I decided to go inside of my house to which I saw my brother playing Mortal Kombat on the PS3, I got on tumblr and decided to play some Slayer. I was a bit down, being a big metalhead I was hoping to see the big 4 in concert. Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica. Alas, it was not to be, all I could do was post songs by each artist.

That wasn’t the worst thing to happen though, when my mother returned she had horrible news. My grandfather now has Alzheimer’s. It struck me hard, but I didn’t want to seem weak in front of my mother. As I started to wonder what that means to me, I began to ask myself, “Why do I always write about myself?” I think that perhaps I want to leave a bit of a legacy, even if I never become anyone important. If I begin to forget about my life…then what? Maybe it’s important not to think about it, not now.

Then I watched the newest episode of The Whitest Kids You Know. It was hilarious. After that I made some Chinese food while old episodes of Community were playing in the background. After a couple bowls of shrimp fried rice and pot stickers I went into to my room and read some of Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels. Unfortunately I was laying down on my bed. Bad idea…

I awoke again in the twilight hours of the day. I finished Hell’s Angels and let my brother hang out in my room. I came in to watch That Metal Show. I was going to make my own list for top 5 Metal bassists. I gave up though, writing wasn’t going to work for me today. Not like this.

A lot of nothing happened and now I’m writing this entry. How fun.


I wrote this for my college newspaper, El Paisano, a few weeks back. I thought I’d share it with you all.

It’s the middle of the night, you’re glued to your computer screen because you can’t help but follow strangers who you’ve never met in hopes that you can understand more about them based on what they post. Soon enough minutes slip by and you realize that you have lost touch with reality. You haven’t been outside for days and your loved ones have given up on trying to get through to you. Welcome to tumblr!

Created in 2007, tumblr has become a sensation amongst the internet community recently. Boasting ease of use, tumblr allows its users to post text, photos, quotes, links, chat, audio, and videos to their tumblelog. (Because saying blog sounds too pretentious.) Updates from your peers will show up in a streaming wall on your dashboard so you’ll never have to search each tumblelog individually for new content.

“There’s just so much to do on the tumblr, when you begin to find people who only post things you love you will eventually find something that you love and want to reblog.”, says a user of tumblr who didn’t want his name to be given but was okay with El Paisano using his tumblr web-address,

Tumblr accounts vary, for instance some tumblelogs consist of only one theme like cartoons, music, art or pictures of big beautiful women. Other accounts can act like that of a personal diary, sharing their views on life and decorating their tumblelog with different things that they find over the internet. While other tumblelogs seem to consist of nothing more than random pictures and the occasional text post.

“Tumblr allows me to see what makes my friends tick by examining what they post. You’d be surprised how many people share the same love for different things as you do. You’d also be surprised how many people are in love with David Bowie on tumblr. I’m talking about stalker status, I mean I love David Bowie, but there are some people on tumblr who are just… scary. Another great thing about following people over tumblr is that you never have to put up with the same drama that you deal with on facebook. I mean you do get your fair share of drama here and there, but not the same way you would over facebook.”

The amount of information that can be shared over tumblr is amazing and with over 12 million different tumblelogs you’ll never run out of things to see. That includes pictures of big beautiful women.